Free Energy

For many people, FREE ENERGY is a “buzz word” that has no clear meaning. As such, it relates to a host of inventions that do something that is not understood, and is therefore a mystery. For others, it means “perpetual motion” and is therefore dismissed, without due consideration. This website is dedicated to clarifying exactly what free energy is, how it works and how it can be applied in your everyday life….for light, heat and power.

In the simplest sense, FREE ENERGY is any energy that is provided by the Natural World. This may include energy sources that you are familiar with, such as solar panels or wind generators, but also could include amazing technologies like a car powered by water-fuel, a battery charger powered by Magnets, or a home heating system powered by the Earth. The best FREE ENERGY systems deliver energy at no on-going cost to the user, without detrimental effects to the environment, and at extremely low costs for the maintenance and operation of the equipment.

On this website, we will NOT be presenting any futuristic technologies, or impossible inventions that break the Laws of Physics. What I will be talking about are technologies that tap into Natural Sources of energy in the environment and convert them into useful forms of energy for heat, light, and motive power. In fact, the lecture on Open System Thermodynamics (in the column to the right) is a great place to begin to understand this science.

A good example of this is a way to heat your home from the Earth. In moderate climates, the Earth below the frost line is a reservoir of constant temperature. This temperature is about 55º F (13º C). In the winter, this reservoir of heat can be accessed and concentrated by a geothermal heat pump system, and used to heat your house for about 1/3rd the cost of running an electric furnace. In addition to this, if the house is insulated to a rating of R-60, the cost of heating the house can be further reduced by another 60%. With just these two simple technologies, both available today, the cost of heating your home in the winter can be reduced by 87%. That is just 13% of the cost of heating the same house with an electric furnace where the house is insulated to a rating of R-19. In the summer, the air-conditioning costs are similarly low, using the same heat pump in reverse.

87% energy benefit, year after year, at no more cost to you. That is the FREE ENERGY you can have right now! Your lifestyle is the same, but your energy costs are much lower. By conserving heat with the better insulation, and by using Natural Energy first, including the heat already present in the Earth, it is possible to dramatically lower your energy demands for home heating and your “carbon footprint”. This is just one example.  There are dozens of other ways to save energy..

So, FREE ENERGY is also any energy we can use at NO COST. If we learn to “Conserve, and use Natural Energy First”, then, the small amount of energy that is still required for our needs is more easily produced by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and bio-fuels. Even if we are still using carbon based fuels to supply the remainder, our energy costs have dropped considerably and our carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

We discuss a wide array of technologies from the PAST that have still not been integrated into the Market Economy or made available for everyday use. We also talk about technologies in the PRESENT that are available right now that can dramatically lower our energy costs. And finally, We talk about technologies that may become available in the FUTURE that could radically change our world for the better.

We discuss our philosophy of energy use and the economics of using FREE ENERGY wherever possible. Quite often, using Natural Energy systems costs a little more at the beginning, but much less over time. We have to start thinking of total costs for using a system, including the energy costs for the life of the product. When the total economics of a system are understood, FREE ENERGY systems are the most cost effective.

We discuss the problems associated with balancing individual freedom with social responsibility. Society cannot provide the individual with rights and freedoms if the individual is unwilling to provide the society with responsible behavior in return. The arrival of unlimited amounts of low-cost, clean energy could be extremely destabilizing to an uncivil society. These developments provide unparalleled opportunities for both economic disruption or rapid innovation.

We discuss a number of simple technologies, that are already in the public domain, that clearly demonstrate that high mileage cars are simple to build and cost effective right now. The public needs to demand that vehicles like these be made available immediately.

we show over 35 different educational books and filmed lectures on the science and method of advanced energy technologies, presented by the leading experts in this field. Many of these products can also be accessed by their images in the right column of the pages on this website. Currently, we are educating the next generation of scientists and engineers about the real state of technological discovery. In the future, these new energy technologies will make a huge contribution to cleaning up the environment and providing low-cost energy for generations to come.

This world needs a more just distribution of energy to the developing countries, and the ability to provide cleaner energy at a lower cost. In addition to this, we all must learn to be better stewards of the environment. That means pollute less and recycle more. But it also means using our energy resources more efficiently and using more energy that is generated locally, which of course, promotes renewable sources.

The more you know about the different energy options available, the more opportunities you can create in your life to use them. We invite you to explore these exciting opportunities with us.

Welcome to the Decentralized World of FREE ENERGY.


Welcome on this section we list ALL of the Digital Books and filmed Lectures produced to date, by experts in this field, covering the advanced science of efficient energy production and use.  These are primarily EDUCATIONAL materials, designed to TEACH you the science behind how these technologies actually work.  Think of this as your portal to our On-Line University with Course Materials in the Free Energy Sciences.

opensystemthermodynamics-100xOpen System Thermodynamics is the lecture I gave at the 2013 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It is the premier communication explaining WHY Free Energy technologies are REAL and the underlying principles upon which they work.  If you are interested in Free Energy technology, begin your education here.

electricmotorsecrets-100xElectric Motor Secrets is a three film package, with over 4½ hours of instruction, covering the history of electric motors, the development of super-efficient “regenerative” motors, and an advanced tutorial on the math and design criteria for high COP motors of the future.

teslasradiantenergy-100xTesla’s Radiant Energy was the Keynote Address and Lecture I delivered at the 2006 Extraordinary Technology Conference.  It is considered the definitive explanation of Tesla’s model of electricity, following his discovery in 1893 of the “method of conversion” of ordinary electricity into a new, and extraordinary form.

bedini-sg-100xBedini SG: The Complete Beginner’s Handbook is the first book in the 3-part Series on John Bedini’s amazing Free Energy machine.  The Beginner’s Handbook starts you at the beginning, with complete instructions to build your own model, along with circuit theory, battery charging tutorial, parts list, and more.  This is a GREAT Science Fair project for tomorrow’s scientists!!!

bedinisgintermediate-100xBedini SG: The Complete Intermediate Handbook is the second book in the 3-part Series on John Bedini’s amazing Free Energy machine.  It picks up where the Beginner’s Handbook leaves off, covering fine tuning the circuits, advanced theory, capacitor discharge methods, and more.  It’s the next step for serious students of this science.

bedinisgadvanced-100xBedini SG: The Complete Advanced Handbook is the third book in the 3-part Series on John Bedini’s amazing Free Energy machine.  It covers the deep history of the development of this technology, including complete specifications for the “Watson machine” and John’s “low-drag” generators.  This package includes the book and a 1-hour lecture and demonstration from the 2014 Conference.

Bedini SG: Beyond the Advanced Handbook is the Live Demonstration and lecture I gave at the 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It features a demonstration of a Kromrey Generator operating at a COP>2.5 and the 12 coil machine I built that has motor, generator and an energy recycling 3-battery power supply with an automatic battery rotator system.

batterysecrets-100xBattery Secrets is the Lecture I gave at the 2011 Bedini Technology Conference.  It covers most of what John Bedini and I learned about lead-acid batteries while developing his first generation battery chargers in 2004-5.  If you want to understand how batteries actually work, this is the place to start!

batteryrejuvenation-100xBattery Rejuvenation is the Lecture I gave at the 2013 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It follows up on the information in Battery Secrets, focusing on the methods of rejuvenating the lead-acid batteries everyone else is throwing away!!  Highly recommended “survival” technology.

classicenergyvideos-100xClassic Energy Videos includes more than 12 hours of material produced during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  These old films represent the REAL beginning of the Free Energy revolution, where accurate information about this science began being released to the public.

perpetualmotionreality-100xPerpetual Motion Reality is the Lecture I gave at the 2012 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It traces the history of our ancestor’s quest to harness energy from Nature.  The Natural World is in perpetual motion and there is energy all around us, all the time.  Find out how the “perpetual motion deniers” have hi-jacked our clean energy future!

homeenergysavingsguide-100xHome Energy Savings Guide shows you the REAL WAY to cut your home utility bills in half!  This manual walks you through the process of eliminating all the major ways your home currently WASTES energy.  Solutions are inexpensive and effective and do NOT involve installing solar panels or wind generators.

magnetsecretscover-100xMagnet Secrets shows you how to use magnets to modify the characteristics of water and other liquids.  Includes government reports, University studies, patents, and “do-it-yourself plans” for lowering the surface tension of liquids while keeping dissolved minerals in suspension.  Awesome information!

thequantumkey-100xThe Quantum Key is Aaron Murakami’s amazing treatise on advanced physics for beginners.  “The Ultimate Guide to Taboo Physics, Free Energy, and Debunking Mainstream Pseudoscience!”  An underground classic.


waterfuelsecrets-100xWater Fuel Secrets is, by far and away, the largest collection of information on methods to produce “fuel on-demand” ever compiled.  If you are interested in this topic, this is the “masters course” on the subject.  Includes patents, University studies, NASA reports, etc.. etc….

ignitionsecrets-100xIgnition Secrets is a huge collection of information on ignition systems for internal combustion engines, covering classical methods, capacitor discharge systems, “peaking cap” techniques, and standard and advanced “plasma discharge” methods.  Amazing package of documents and films.

plasmawastedspark100xIgnition Secrets, Part 2 is the Lecture Aaron presented at the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference. It focuses on the practical application of his Patented Plasma Ignition method to modern, computer-controlled automobile engines.  Package includes a PDF file of the Power Point images from the Lecture.

howtobuildajetengine-100xHow to Build a Jet Engine is an instructional film showing how to convert an old “turbo-charger” into an advanced jet engine….in your spare time!  Film includes footage showing the finished jet engine operating on Aaron’s plasma ignition system on almost no fuel!


Mind Training Methods

lessons_in_advanced_perception-100xLessons in Advanced Perception is the most comprehensive training in real mind control and advanced telepathy techniques ever published.  Includes the entire 16 lesson training by Harold Schroeppel, as well as “The How of Telepathy” and a number of other supporting documents from the 1950s.

acourseinmindpower-100xA Course in Mind Power is a spectacular companion piece to the Lessons in Advanced Perception.  It delves deep into the origins of the relationship between muscle tension and subtle perception and a number of other critical methods.  Be the one in the room who knows more about what others think and feel.

realhistoryofedgraymotor-100xThe Real History of Ed Gray is a two lecture set.  The first part is Mark McKay’s presentation to the 2012 Energy Science and Technology Conference summarizing his 5,000 hours of research into the Ed Gray saga.  The second part is Mark’s presentation to the 2014 Conference with updates and additions to his research.  If you want to know what REALLY happened to Ed Gray and his technology, this material is a must!

overunitydisclosure-100xOver-unity Disclosure is Graham Gunderson’s presentation to the 2015 Energy Science and Technology conference. In this Lecture, he explains the history and development of the math and engineering principles needed to design working, solid-state transformer power supplies with a COP>1. Graham brings half his lab equipment and sets it up on stage, and shows everyone how to design and measure this kind of project. Technical, but awesome!!

floydsweet-100xFloyd Sweet’s “Vacuum Triode Amplifier.” This is Graham Gunderson’s second presentation to the 2015 Energy Conference. Here, he discusses his extensive research into Floyd Sweet’s “Vacuum Triode Amplifier” or VTA device. This presentation covers the remarkable characteristics of Barium Ferrite material, which was the “beating heart” of the Sweet VTA.

ecetheory-100xECE Theory of Physics This is Dr. Douglas Lindstrom’s presentation to the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference. In this Lecture, Dr. Lindstrom discusses the history of the development of the current Physics Model, and the new ECE Theory of Physics. If you want to see how close “main stream science” is getting to “alternative science,” you may just want to look into this.

magnetic_energy_secrets-100xMagnetic Energy Secrets is the Lecture and demonstration that Paul presented at the 2012 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  If you are an engineer, DON’T watch this film, as Paul shows conclusively how to convert magnetism into useful, increased energy in an electrical circuit.  Mentally contagious, NO CURE KNOWN!

magneticenergysecretspart2-100xMagnetic Energy Secrets, Part 2 is the Lecture that Paul presented at the 2013 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  Here, Paul develops the mathematical model for calculating how much more energy shows up in the circuit because of the magnetic interactions.  The impossible made simple!

magneticenergysecretspart3-100xMagnetic Energy Secrets, Part 3 is the Lecture Paul presented at the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  Following up on all his previous work, Paul lays out the clearest, and simplest parameters for designing and building a self-running electro-mechanical machine.  If you can’t understand this, you definitely need to change your  hobby!

secretofteslaspowermagnification-100xTesla’s Power Magnification is the Landmark Lecture and Demonstration package presented at the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference by Paul and Jim Murray about Jim’s S.E.R.P.S. circuit, demonstrating a COP=50!!!  The Free Energy field will never be the same.

The Babcock DC Motor is the Lecture and Demonstration Paul presented at the 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  This time, Paul discusses his patented, no-back EMF “External Magnetic Field” electric motor for the first time, in public!  Includes a complete demonstration and explanation of the motor’s theory and method to produce COP>1 performance.

teslashiddendiscoveries-100xTesla’s Hidden Discoveries is the Lecture presented by Jim to the 2013 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It traces his life-long research into phases of Nikola Tesla’s work that most other researchers have neglected, including his discovery of both electrical and mechanical power magnification.  Brilliant work!

dynafluxalternator100xDynaflux Alternator is a three part package that includes a filmed demonstration for a group of investors, the complete Tour of Jim’s Lab of working prototypes, and a PDF file of all of Jim’s Patents and Patent applications.  See for yourself why Jim’s contribution to Free Energy Research is legendary!

secretofteslaspowermagnification-100xTesla’s Power Magnification is the Lecture that Jim and Paul Babcock presented to the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It is the in-depth revelation of how Tesla learned how to magnify electric power in an AC system by oscillating waves of energy between the load and the generator.  This is the biggest breakthrough in Free Energy Research EVER ANNOUNCED to the public.

dynafluxconcept-100xThe Dynaflux Concept and Lenz’s Lawis the Lecture that Jim presented to the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It expands on the information previously released in the Dynaflux Alternator package, and goes on to reveal information even left out of the patents!  A MUST addition for serious students of Jim’s work.

Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator is the Lecture that Jim presented to the 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It expands on the information previously released in the Lab Tour material, and goes deep into the experimental proofs showing that “load currents” do NOT have to slow a generator down!!  Another MUST addition for the libraries of serious electrical engineers and students of Jim’s work.

wirelessgiantofthepacific-100xWireless Giant of the Pacific is Eric’s 382 page book covering the history of the RCA “wireless” facility at Bolinas, California.  Before the invention of the word “radio,” these massive “wireless” stations were sending and receiving communications between Honolulu, Hawaii and New Jersey using “instantaneous electrostatic” propagation methods.

extraluminaltransmission-100xExtraluminal Transmission Systems is the Lecture Eric gave at the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It follows up on the “faster than Light” propagation methods discussed in Wireless Giant, above, with special emphasis on antenna structures and functions.  Brilliant, technical material!

Electrical Transmission in Multiple Coordinate Systems is the 4-hour Lecture Eric gave at the 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  This lecture and Power Point presentation further expands on his work covering the “faster than Light” propagation methods discussed in Extraluminal Transmission Systems, as well as his work on the mathematics of multi-phase transmission of electricity in Versor Algebra, Part 2.  As usual, brilliant technical material!

telluricresearch-100xTelluric Research is the 4-hour, complete tour of Eric’s monumental “Earth Listening Station” erected in the high desert of Landers, California. The tour begins at the laboratory receiving station, were all of the signals converge on the vast array of recording equipment and direct listening systems. Then, it is out into the 10 acre “antenna farm” to see the exact method whereby these signals are collected from the natural world.  This is the ACTUAL way “extraluminal” propagations are detected! Phenomenal!!!

fourquadrantrepresentationofelectricity-100xFour Quadrant Representation of Electricity is the Lecture Eric gave at the 2013 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It covers the history and development of using Versor Algebra to describe all of the functions of AC electricity, as first used by McFarlane and Steinmetz.  Package includes both a book version and the Conference Lecture.

versoralgebra-100xVersor Algebra, Part 1 is Eric’s book on the pure Mathematics of Versor Algebra as it may be applied to the engineering of various, multi-phase Alternating Current electrical systems.  Learn the REAL way to describe AC electricity without Maxwell’s Equations or any calculus!  Revolutionary, to say the least!

versoralgebra2-100xVersor Algebra, Part 2 is Eric’s second book on the pure Mathematics of Versor Algebra as it may be applied to specific power engineering situations.  Continue learning the REAL way to describe AC electricity without Maxwell’s Equations or any calculus!  The foundation for this mathematics is now laid!


ericdollard_lonepinewritings-100xLone Pine Writings, Part 1 is one of the most important books ever written on the subject of Electrical Engineering.  In classic fashion, Eric lays out the REAL definition of terms used to describe all of the various functions that arise in AC electrical systems.  Take the “Red Pill” and find out why no one (except Eric) really knows how the electricity GRID works anymore!  Absolutely Phenomenal!

ericdollard_lonepinewritings_2-100xLone Pine Writings, Part 2 is an astonishing collection of essays by Eric, including: The Theory of Anti-Relativity, Metrical Dimensional Relations of the Aether, The Camp David Antenna, Symbolic Operators, and Law of Electro-magnetic Induction.  See why many people believe that Eric himself is a Force of Nature!

powerofaether-100xThe Power of the Aether is the 4-hour Lecture and Power Point presentation that Eric gave at the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference. It covers a vast history of the vitalistic side of science with regard to the Human Experience of the Natural World. For a more detailed review of this Lecture.

advancedmotorsecrets-100xAdvanced Motor Secrets is Dave Squires presentation to the 2012 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It is an advanced tutorial on the math and engineering parameters needed to design electric motors with COP>2.  Includes information on the use of Magnetic Field simulation software.

teslasidealflyingmachine-100xTesla’s Ideal Flying Machine is William Lyne’s presentation to the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  It traces his experiences with UFOs and his theories that this planet is NOT being visited by Aliens from Outer Space.  Author of the book Pentagon Aliens, this is a rare appearance of Bill Lyne speaking in public.

propulsion-100xOn the Parallel Propulsion Researches of Tesla and J.J. Thomson is William Lyne’s presentation to the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  Here, Lyne revisits the Theoretical World of the 1880s, where geniuses like Tesla, Thomson, Mendeleev, and others successfully described how electricity had “momentum” and gravity was related to electricity through the Aether. This work laid the scientific foundations for electro-gravitic propulsion systems, which both Tesla and Thomson worked on.

realrainmaking-100xReal Rain Making is the Complete Collection of books and films documenting the life work of Trevor James Constable’s Etheric Weather Engineering methods.  Includes digital versions of the books Loom of the Future and Operations Reports, as well as hours of filmed footage of actual rain generating operations with corresponding explanations of the physics involved.  This collection of material is the most convincing evidence ever presented to the public that there really IS an Etheric Energy Field available in the Natural Environment!

lordspump-100xThe Lord’s Pump Project is the Lecture Al Throckmorton  presented at the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference. It outlines the history and development of this NEW use for HHO gas, by producing an explosive RAM PUMP, capable of lifting water hundreds of feet in the air.  This package of material also includes a 29 page PDF file of schematics, diagrams, and other supporting material.

cosmicinductiongenerator-100xCosmic Induction Generator is John Polakowski’s presentation to the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  In this Lecture, John discusses the math and the design of Eric Dollard’s amazing electrical machine that stimulates the creation of Living Forms in electrical plasma events.

naturalvlf-100xOn the Art of Natural VLF Field Recording is Stephen P. McGreevy’s presentation to the 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference. This lecture introduces the audience to the fascinating world of electromagnetic signals emanating from the Earth in the audio frequency band. The package includes recordings of these sounds and schematics of the equipment used to detect them. Great for hobbyists and engineers alike.

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