PTTP is a comprehensive and holistic cryptocurrency that aims to create a new reality for humanity and nature. It is created and controlled by the people through a their own created liquidity pools , giving individuals a sense of ownership and control over their investments.

The currency is not just a means of exchange but also a means of creating a better way of life for all. By investing in PTTP, individuals are investing in the basic necessities of life such as clean, alkaline water, alkaline food, free energy, and natural medicine and electrodynamic technologies. These necessities are fundamental for maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

PTTP also aims to revolutionize the way we live by developing new technologies such as electromagnetic propulsion, which could lead to advances in transportation and energy production. This can be a game changer for humanity, as it would allow us to move away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy.

PTTP also aims to create a new reality where people and nature come first, by reconstructing own stores, companies and manufacturers or buy back, establish private & public trust for everyone making it impossible for governments to interfere and restructure existing schools to the real knowledge of and in life (Spiritual & physical or mind body & soul Spirit) and restructuring our Education system.

PTTP also aims to revive nature and the environment by means of fruit plants, fruit trees, herb plants, etc. it creates Abundance and Unity and faith is the basis of every realization, ancient wisdom & sacred technologies, the universal law of the ONE and intellectual computer science technology R.S.A.I.

In summary, PTTP is a comprehensive and holistic cryptocurrency that aims to create a new reality for humanity and nature, where basic necessities are met, new technologies are developed, and people and nature are prioritized. It is not just about creating a new financial system but about creating a new way of life for all.

Welcome into the Decentralized World…


built-in with sacred knowledge & wisdom and revolutionized sacred technology…

“The Peoples Monetary Freedom”

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