Hello People of the World..,

First of all PTTP NEDERLAND want to thank you all for visiting PTTP website/platform. As you can see the PTTP new website is under construction AT THE MOMENT..

PTTP NEDERLAND as reunited people will shake the entire earth and even the established system will react on the project we have done under the radar because of the current system,

The new Decentralized financial systems such as the crypto currencies we can & we will reveal alot of Information, Knowledge, Technology History and Products to the public and its mindblowing and very futuristic…

Stay tuned and download the PTTP CRYPTO WALLET become a part of a whole new Reality of living your dreams.

Share the website and if you have suggestions or idea’s or if you want to become partners message us at :

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PTTP NEDERLAND work with a great teams of people (developers, engineers, programmers, guru’s philosophers, visionary, idealists, scientist, healers and vortex-based Mathmaticians) from every corner of the Earth with spiritual and intellectual brains who came together to make a difference in this tragic reality we all live in because the current system is trying to become the controllers of our daily thoughts, lives and our children..

The Elite/Controllers of our contemporary monetary system have brainwashed whole generations with their money, lies, deceptions and wars which they even promote right under your eyes by manipulated indoctrinations by the media, tv and education systems..

Many years ago we have opened different foundations to put all knowledge, information and technology together to find the real truth and history of this world… PTTP can truthfully say that the technological advancements the People see today and the experience in science-fiction movies was the science vision reality in the old world civillisations.

Technological advancements like Electro-Magnetic Gravity / Propulsion, Free Energy, Vortex Based Mathematics and much more..

PTTP know its true because PTTP have re-created the same technology that was written in the thousands of years old books and scriptures on ancient buildings around the world especially the SANSKRIT texts.., the Vedas (hindu), Mahabaratta, Vymanika Shaastra.. (also egypts, mayans and more)

(Nikola Tesla study it and the vrill society or the thule gesellschaft study it also)

We have also helped many people cure their own disease including cancer by Water, Alkaline & Electric food, Thc/Cbd and Herbs and Fasting for (stam)cel regeneration…

Thats the reason why PTTP also know that the current banks and governments manipulate whole generations of people from birth and that the most valueble knowledge and information always have been kept secret for the public to mislead and enslaved Mankind by control, debt and diseases..

Past last years PTTP have decided to start up a new crypto monetary system with new harmonical principles and its controlled by every individual to succeed the system… There’s no owner or private groups that can control this system… PTTP called it the  “Peoples Monetary Freedom”..,

and the sacred way of peace is Love…

The PTTP NEDERLAND FOUNDATION have connected all Knowledge, Wisdom and Technology to the PTTP Crypto Currency with the (coin)  “PTTP Crypto Seal”.. including all the products such as..,

Our philosophy & Vision

Knowledge & Technology is the currency of the Universe..

In today’s knowledge & technology with the understandings of the knowledge & technology from the ancients we can create a Magical World in peaceful harmony together..

We as PTTP Team seeing  the same results in our work, projects, dreams and in our PTTP Community..

To create a better world shall always begin by creating a better version of “You”… People of now days are being hypnotized by powers that uses the Ancient understandings and they have demonized it so that you are to scared to acces it…


PTTP will help you with all information to find the balance within you so you can acces the Higher Consiounsness state of Body, Mind & Soul… you will be the creator of your own destiny… everything in life was an idea before it was created and the only impossibillties are the ones that you have self created…

Always believe deeply in  all the possibillities of life..  there’s always an awnser and a solution..

Work & Projects

Energy, Frequency & Vibrations..,

those are the keys to the Electric Magnetic Universe and with the understanding of these principles we opened the doors to the Magic world of Creation…


PTTP can say we are living in a simulation, a Magic World made of electric magnetic fields... Absorb the information and knowledge and visualize the understandings.. If you want to  know you have to research life and it starts by “know thyself”…

In the playlist down below you can watch video from people that makes their own thoughts and believes about life.  PTTP NEDERLAND does the same and thats why PTTP have started this whole movement and business together with regular people many many years ago to make a difference and to spread this Universal truth to the World..

MANKIND is living in a Electric Magnetic Universe…  Life is all Energy & Energy is all Life.. Take your time to understand the knowledge and forget all your life’s teachings so you can Aborb it with open and clear mind…

Most people dont even know who they really are and live their life’s as sheep but dont forget these words like:

We are created by GOD in HIS own image and  Love and Harmony is the Key to this Magic Universe..



PTTP Crypto Currency

-169730 -730 -2930 0030

Welcome into the Decentralized World.

Peacefull PTTP Crypto Currency.

Built by

the People for the People

with Love.

“Peoples Monetary Freedom”


Total € -

When the People invest in this system they create a better future for them self and their children.. Download the PTTP CRYPTO WALLET to see the beautiful interactive interface with the community Chat, the payment system, the decentralized media/tv channel, video channel, instantly mining and soon also an internal exchange and start a node and become a part of the PTTP CRYPTO SYSTEM.

This Crypto Currency will create abundance for the people and all other living lifeforms on the beautiful Earth…

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The PTTP Crypto Seal contains all the sacred knowledge and principles of life within the seal… The seeker will always find the right awnsers ..

The Great Awakening

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PTTP NEDERLAND also have a community chat where you can chat anonymously with the team of PTTP  and with people around the world to exchange knowledge and information and News & Truth..
PTTP NEDERLAND will also launch the PTTP  Decentralized TV & Media Channel very soon..
People have the right to be told the (Historical) Truth without the manipulations and doctrine from the controlled  Mainstream TV & Media and Elite.
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