Timeline 2017 – 2018

Development Timeline
September 2017 Finished blueprints and wallet creation.
October 2017 Finished ledger and transactions, building website.
November 2017 Finishing nodes, voting and mining system.
December 2017 Finishing the core network and mining system, having a cold, watching a movie, happy XMAS everybody.
January 2018 Releasing the untamed beauty, creating some market cap.
February 2018 PTTP ICO Release and taming the horse by practical testing.
March 2018 Setting up the PTTP Coinbase System.
April 2018 Finishing the PTTP Coinbase System and Setting up the PTTP  CRYPTO WEBPAGE ON PTTP NEDERLAND WEBSITE.
May 2018 Finishing the PTTP CRYPTO Website and Taming the horse by setting it free.
June 2018 Watching the horse pull the wagon.

The new roadmap 2018-2019 is coming soon…!

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