PTTP Crypto Currency

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Welcome into the Decentralized World.

Peacefull PTTP Crypto Currency.

Built by

the People for the People

with Love.

“Peoples Monetary Freedom”


Total € -

When the People invest in this system they create a better future for them self and their children.. Download the PTTP CRYPTO WALLET to see the beautiful interactive interface with the community Chat, the payment system, the decentralized media/tv channel, video channel, instantly mining and soon also an internal exchange and start a node and become a part of the PTTP CRYPTO SYSTEM.

This Crypto Currency will create abundance for the people and all other living lifeforms on the beautiful Earth…

PTTP Nederland  (The Netherlands )

  • PTTP Venezuala ,                 
  • PTTP Brazil,                    
  • PTTP Africa,                           
  • PTTP Indonesia,                   
  • PTTP Argentina,
  • PTTP Peru   
  • PTTP India             
  • PTTP China,   
  • PTTP Russia,                         
  • PTTP Syria,                     
  • PTTP Iran,                               
  • PTTP Spain,                           
  • PTTP Japan,                           
  • PTTP Malaysia,
  • PTTP Suriname,                 
  • PTTP Belgie,                 
  • PTTP UK,                               
  • PTTP Germany,                 
  • PTTP N-Korea,                     
  • PTTP USA,       
  • PTTP Australia,                   
  • PTTP Turkey,
  • PTTP Worldwide and more.

The PTTP Crypto Seal contains all the sacred knowledge and principles of life within the seal… The seeker will always find the right awnsers ..

The Great Awakening

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